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Buy 2CB Online. People call Tucibi the “elite drug” because of its high price. It has other names as well, like Venus, Nexus, MFT, pink cocaine, to list a few. Its original name is 2C-B, which is how it is classified as a narcotic. However, English speakers named it 2C-B, and when Spanish speakers adapted the name, it became Tu-Ci-Bi (pronounced “Too-See-Bee” in Spanish.)


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People seeking to buy 2CB online, the elite drug, can find the same drug with many different names. Some popular ones are Erox, MFT, Venus, Nexus, and Pink Cocaine. It comes under the category of elite drugs due to its high price. The 2CB drug is classified as a narcotic. In Spanish, the same drug is pronounced as Tu-Ci-Bi. Though the drug is illegal in many regions due to its side effects, it has shown few mental health benefits.

The article shares information about the how to use, benefits, side effects and history of 2CB drugs. If you are about to buy 2CB online, then having such knowledge would come in handy.

Things to know before you Buy 2CB Online

How to use 2CB

You can get them in both pill, capsules, powder and liquid forms on the market. You can have it directly through mouth. In doing so, it binds itself to noradrenaline, adrenaline, and dopamine receptors once they reach the brain.

As per experts, a general dosage guide for 2CB drugs is as follows:

  • Lowest dose- 10 mm
  • Moderate dose- 10 to 24 mm

Any amount above the mentioned dosage is considered an overdose.

The effects of the 2CB are pretty slow compared to other known drugs such as Ecstasy. Once consumed, it takes up to 1 to 2 hours to stimulate the brain. The effects of 2CB generally last for a period between 4 to 8 hours. While you buy 2CB online, check for the usage instructions provided for a bit of more clear consumption advice.

Benefits of using 2CB

You can buy 2CB Online if any of the given benefits appeal to you:

  • It is a vital phenethylamine that helps heal trauma.
  • Users have reported gaining profound personal and spiritual experiences.
  • It stimulates feelings of connecting to yourself, the universe and other people.
  • The 2CB, when used along with MDMA, can effectively ease the comedown. It also solidifies any other revelations which have been brought on through the experience.

History of 2CB

In 1974, Alexander Shulgin synthesized the drug for the first time. In his book PiHKAL, released in 1992, he mentions the experiment’s discovery. The historical data says psychotherapists in the 70s used the drug, which went through a breakthrough by the 80s as a recreational drug. Before being declared illegal in the 90s, it was sold in the Netherlands and America with the name aphrodisiac.

The sales of 2CB drugs saw a rise around 1985 when the government banned Ecstasy. 2CB became a replacement drug for many users during the time. But, by 1994, not only in America but many countries worldwide declared the 2CB drug illegal as well. Further, in 2004, this popular illegal drug sales saw a rise, especially in Latin America. Soon it became the most used drug in Mexico. The traffickers there started the practice of importing the drug to Colombia after two years.

Further, the drug took an entry to the coffee country via Medellin. A man called “Alejo Tusibi” began to prepare local versions of 2CB drugs. However, due to its illegality, Alejo Tusibi came under the radar of the law and force department of the place. However, other drug traffickers living in Medellin helped Alejo get out of the city.

The man then moved to Cali and set up a shop near Bogota. Interestingly, Bogota’s one of the Mafia gangs, kidnapped the man and tried to get his formula. Later, a mafia leader Urdinola replaced Alejo in the business. However, after some time, Urinola was arrested for it. At present, Colombia is the largest producer of 2CB drugs. The drug is exported mainly to European countries. Germany has the highest count of consumers of the drug. The Colombian and European people can easily buy 2CB Online.

Current status of 2CB drugs

Currently, 2CB drugs are categorized as Class A and Schedule 1 drugs in the United Kingdom. This indicates it is illegal to buy 2CB Online, offline, possess or supply. However, people can buy 2CB Online on the darknet. Its availability in the darknet has increased its sales.

Side effects of 2CB

  • People on MAO inhibitors should not buy 2CB Online or from stores for any kind od usage. It poses a risk for them as it is metabolized by (MAOs) A and B.
  • People who did buy 2CB Online or stores in liquid form were reported to experience headaches, weak limbs and brain dysfunction on consumption.
  • People might experience auditory hallucinations.
  • It might increase the risk of paranoid delusions and irritability.
  • The drug can also alter the cognitive and perceptive processes, resulting in hallucinations and delusions.


A few reported side effects and a lack of extensive drug research made most countries except Europe to not allow people to buy 2CB online. However, traffickers have found multiple ways to make this happen, even if they need to use the dark web for the purpose.


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