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How to Buy Golden Teachers Mushrooms Online

Golden Teachers mushrooms are amongst the most frequently used psilocybin mushrooms. They are not a species but are universally known as magic mushroom’ strains’. Like other psilocybin mushrooms, it has psilocin and psilocybin as the main psychoactive compounds. Cultivators and experienced growers have been growing this for decades, and it has remained their best choice. Various questions build around the interest of the masses, and they are keen to know more about golden teachers’ mushrooms. This article aims to highlight all those exciting questions for its readers and will speak up on how to buy golden teachers mushrooms online.

What Are Golden Mushrooms?

In your quest of how to buy golden teachers mushrooms online, it is essential to start with the question, answering which you will know what exactly are golden teachers mushrooms. As mentioned before, golden teachers are one strain of magical mushrooms or a variety of psilocybe Cubensis. 

Psilocybe Cubensis is found to be a primarily cultivated magic mushroom species and is the genus to which the species belongs. A genus ranks above species in biology and comes under a taxonomic category. Mushrooms have wide varieties, but golden teachers are the most popular strains. 

Golden mushrooms are recognized for their ‘soft ‘nature and are usually seen as the basis for examining the various magic mushroom strains’ potency worldwide. A Strain is a different cultivar created by various cultivators by selective breeding. To be categorized as a strain, the mushroom must have repetitive and measurable attributes or characteristics between generations- like chemical appearance and growth patterns.

An authentic strain is made through selective breeding or by a unique sample harvested from the wild. Cultivators can develop Strains with larger caps, higher potency levels, increased disease resistance, or albino traits with selective breeding.

How Do Golden Teacher Mushrooms Appear?

As mentioned earlier, appearance is one reason that makes the strains look different from others. Let’s find out what golden teacher mushrooms look like.

  • Cap- The golden teacher mushroom can be identified with an ashy red color and has a yellow or golden path in the center portion, which is why the name ‘golden’ is deciphered. The cap is curved slightly and can have an 8cm diameter, but usually, they are 5cm. However, it is more extensive when compared to other psilocybe Cubensis varieties.
  • Gills- can be whitish to purple-brown.
  • Stipe- are thicker and hollow near the base.

In the initial first crop, golden teacher mushrooms generally have medium size but can be more extensive. Growers like their bigger size crops. The primary feature of golden teacher mushrooms is the yellow-gold cap, but it can’t be confirmed which strains originated from it. There are few with tops having golden color and are likely to be derived from well-recognized mushrooms. Some of the strains that have golden cap features are Golden Emperor, Guadalajara, Alcabenzi, and Yeti.

How To Cultivate Golden Teacher Mushrooms?

Many people want to grow golden teachers in their place. To do that, you must consult an experienced guide to know everything about its cultivation. They will guide you on the required raw materials and equipment and describe step-by-step how to cultivate, harvest, and ideal storage process for golden teacher mushrooms

Golden teacher’s mushrooms are generally easy to grow at home as they don’t need specific conditions. As a beginner cultivator, it is better to choose golden teachers as any psilocybe Cubensis strain is convenient to grow. All Strains require a similar cultivation basis like light, humidity, and temperature.

While cultivating a golden teacher, you would need golden teacher spores as the first requirement. Be sure that you have consulted enough vendors to select the breed

What Are The Benefits Of Golden Teacher Mushrooms?

Cultivators and users find golden mushrooms due to their profound experiences, which is why they call them ‘teachers’. Since golden teachers already have a medium potency level and are a standard introductory point for those new to psychedelics. Its gentle nature minimizes the risk of a bad trip for a consumer. To have exceptional benefits, like mystical experiences, some users may consume a larger dose of it.

Researchers are saying that golden mushrooms can deal with mental health issues, like anxiety, depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD), and smoking addiction. These benefits are based on the quality experience of psilocybin and are related to effects like emotional breakthroughs, mystical experiences, and connective emotions. Also, using the golden mushrooms enhances overall life experiences related to relationships, lifestyle, worldview, spirituality and overall satisfaction. 

Since most of these experiences are personal views, golden mushrooms are not advised clinically and need complete supervision. The user needs to have the right mindset and surroundings while using it as instructed by an experienced guide.

How To Buy Golden Teacher Mushrooms Online?

You can legally buy golden teacher mushrooms online in countries like Canada, Europe, and the United States. Also, you can quickly get golden mushrooms from local vendors selling dry shrooms, which can help to get spores to grow at your place.

To cultivate golden teachers at your place, you must approach vendors like Magic Mushrooms Shop in Europe, Spores 101 in Canada and US, Sporeslab in Canada, or Viking Spore in the UK. You can easily search for them and buy golden teacher mushrooms online in two forms: spores print and spores syringes, and they both have pros and cons. 

If you buy spore prints and want them to remain in good condition for more than ten years, ensure to keep them in a cool place. Also, avoid opening the sprints in the air as much as possible. Generally, they come wrapped in tinfoil, but keeping them in an airtight container would be best.

On the contrary, spores syringes can only be used for six months if kept at room temperature and used between 1 to 2 years if kept in the fridge.


Most people like Golden teachers mushrooms for their various benefits, easy cultivation process and online availability in countries like the US, UK, Canada, and Europe.

Golden teachers’ mushrooms are known for their chemical appearance and developing patterns. Since the experiences are personal to the users, golden teachers are not clinically approved. Still, researchers have found its profound benefits related to depression, anxiety, cluster headaches, addictions, and much more. I hope this article helped you in clearing your thoughts around Golden Teachers Mushrooms.

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